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Mixing pop rock elements with captivating harmony vocals, Fairgale is a mix of The Killers, Oasis & Kings of Leon with 3-part harmonies reminiscent of classic rock bands like The Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash . Two lead vocalists with distinctly different voices and songwriting style bring a completely new soundscape from one song to the next.

Based in St. John’s NL, Fairgale won the inaugural George Street ‘Rock the Block’ competition in 2015 and followed that up by releasing their Music NL nominated debut album ‘Own the Light’ in December of that year.  They have quickly ascended in local and national recognition since this time. 

Fairgale have been nominated for multiple MusicNL Awards over the years including Group of the Year, and have been chosen as a Regional Finalist in CBC’s Searchlight competition. They have had two songs chart at #1 on the East Coast Countdown (Bad Reputation and Liza), and have gained radio play across Canadian community and commercial radio. They have toured Atlantic Canada and shared the stage with acts such as Arkells, Trooper, Sonreal, Sloan, Dear Rouge and Yukon Blonde.

Fairgale released their sophomore album, “Pillars” in May of 2018. Their new single, “Liza” is available now and a new album will follow in Fall 2020. 

“That would be their chilling vocals and harmonies. And the songs are just fresh and exciting,” said Kirby. “For four guys, they make a lotta racket.”

Chris Korby | CBC News

 Fairgale not only won the competition, but Trooper privately messaged the band.

“We were thrilled. I don’t think we ever imagined it would go this far, and they would actually enjoy it.” 

Stephen Green (Fairgale) | CBC News, Winning The #RocktheBlock contest

Featured Video

“What Doesn’t Kill Us (Makes us stronger)”

With the start of lightning from the electric guitar feedback to the thunder snare hit, the skies open up to Fairgale’s much anticipated newest single; “What Doesn’t Kill Us (Makes Us Stronger).”0

The uplifting track continues the signature sound from the Canadian Pop Rock band, packed with building dynamics from the circling storm of the acoustic guitar and soft vocals to the all-out epic hook that has us all singing at the top of our lungs.

 The lyrics, both painful and motivational, tell the story of a soul reminiscing about a strong partnership that ended in sorrow, possibly due to alcohol or substance abuse. It expresses the fear of moving on alone while also creating a sense of resilience and strength from the struggles we experience (a reference to the bridge).

 We can’t get enough of Fairgale’s new single “What Doesn’t Kill Us (Makes Us Stronger),” and placing the song on repeat is as simple as clicking a button that looks like this:

Updates From Fairgale

Refugee | Tom Petty Tribute

Refugee | Tom Petty Tribute

We did this tune as part of a recent online Tom Petty tribute. We are forever grateful for the songs Tom has left behind and here’s our reinterpretation of one of our favourites.



Release Date: 2018

Stephen Green – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Andrew Rodgers – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Brad Tuck – Drums
Gary Powers – Bass

Own The Light

Release Date: 2015

Stephen Green – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Andrew Rodgers – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Brad Tuck – Drums
Gary Powers – Bass

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– Fairgale

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